Go Vegan!

It’s great to see these guys go vegan and spread the word. The food we eat, is what determines our health and how we feel. This is a great little clip. Just listen to what they have to say about optimal performance and diet…and hey go vegan.

The Jump crew debates if more NBA players will go vegan/vegetarian like Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard. With these two premier athletes at the top of there game claiming physical gains from a plant based diet, what does that mean for the average athlete like myself or the above average athlete, like you?

Where do you get your protein?

These two are at the beginning of a paradigm shift from the traditional thinking about where to get ones protein. The fact is, that all protein comes from plants. If you obtain it in your diet by eating animals, you are just consuming second hand protein as well as all other second hand vitamins and minerals. Animal proteins are also hard on the body since they are so acidic. They are also taxing on the digestive system and hard to break down. It’s really much simpler than that. All plants have protein. That’s right they are all made of protein.

These guys are leading by example. They are showing the world that first generation nutrients from plants are the optimal alternative to the old school meat and potatoes ideology for best physical performance. We all know that basketball is one of the most physically demanding sports to play. These two are elevating their game by switching to a plant based diet. What can that mean for you and me?

Daily Health

Most people will agree that if you go vegan you will notice long term health benefits. The new evidence these two bring to the table is that on a daily basis one can realize more energy, strength and endurance by switching to a plant based diet. They show us that we can improve our physical and mental performance on a daily basis as well as achieve those long term health benefits.