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ATX Food Co.

– When unveiling vegan restaurants in Austin, why not start with my favorite; Austin Food Company, created by Raad Mansour. Raad is a entrepreneurial pioneer set out to deliver the most health promoting, sustainable food to those around him. He has created a menu of whole food Plant based dished that deliver the highest nutrition value available and that are also incredibly delicious. As a graduate of the Natural Epicurean Academy in Austin, TX, Raad is passionate about sharing the benefits of plant based nutrition with the people of Austin and the world.

“Our mission is to be the most sustainable food company in the world.” –  Raad Mansour


– The next one of my favorite vegan restaurants in Austin is Arlo’s! Arlo’s serves plant-based comfort food for the Austin nightlife scene in a bistro style setting.  “We design our food to satisfy both omnivores and herbivores. We offer an amazingly tasty alternative to the usual late night trailer eatery’s.”

Bistro Vonish

– Chef Craig has a back ground in  mechanical engineering, with concentrations in manufacturing and materials sciences. He worked assisting the building of jet engines with GE. Once he moved to, Texas he took a job for a small oil and gas company until the recession hit. Then Craig decided to pursue his passion for cooking vegan food.

In January 2015, we moved into the trailer, currently open on E 53rd Street. The goal is to grow the business, to burst at the seams in the trailer, then open a brick & mortar restaurant. One that offers seasonal menus, and a dining atmosphere refined enough for special occasions making it a perfect place to eat any day of the week.

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BBQ Revolution

– At BBQ Revolution the show the world that BBQ doesn’t equal meat and it is better when there is no cruelty involved. Since we they use traditional BBQ techniques, they are able to bring out a flavor like no other vegan place can. We use as many local ingredients as we can and love to collaborate with other vegan companies around town.


– Owner Rachel Musquiz started Curcuma as a personal journey, who experienced changes to here own health as she became connected to where her food came from and embraced a plant-based lifestyle. The discovery of the herb Turmeric was the key to understanding how quickly the body adapts when you fuel it with the right ingredients. Every menu item utilizes superfoods and adaptogens as functional ingredients to maximize the potential of our bodies. We avoid all preservatives and processed foods, making every element from scratch including coconut milk in the Golden Mylk, cashew milk in the Sexy Joe. (no fake meats served here!) We all hope to see you soon.

The Vegan Nom

– Vegan Nom is Texas’ first all vegan taco truck located in Austin, TX. We started with an idea of saving the planet with what we are most passionate about: TACOS! To reduce our carbon-footprint, improve animal welfare and health, we make of our tacos and hot sauces with only plant-based ingredients

Revolution Vegan Kitchen

– Comfort food for all ages. From tasty treats like seasoned curly fried to giant burgers and tofu tacos, Revolution kitchen serves up meat and dairy free meals that will satisfy that fast food craving. As one of the many vegan restaurants in Austin, we never disappoint. We hope to see you soon.

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Counter Culture

– established in July 2009 as a food trailer run by Sue Davis, serves internationally inspired vegan comfort food which is made daily on the premises. Catering to vegetarians, yet popular with omnivores, Counter Culture offers friendly, informal service in a lively mid-century atmosphere.

Counter Culture offers meatless, dairy-free and raw foods – made from scratch – and offered at remarkably affordable prices. Whenever possible the restaurant procures organic, fair trade & locally grown food from area farmers. Sue and the Counter Culture team go to great lengths to reuse, recycle and compost.

Counter Culture offers daily specials, as well as a variety of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, plates & handmade desserts. In addition, the menu always has many oil free, gluten-free and soy-free options. Although vegan doesn’t always mean healthy, Counter Culture emphasizes nutritious, unprocessed foods.

Mr. Natural

– Jesus Mendoza Jr. is the chef at Mr. Natural Inc. in Austin Texas. Since it opened in 1988, Jesus Jr. has been helping the family business. He first showed interest in the kitchen in 2001. Throughout the years he has made changes, created new plates and has added new recipes to Mr. Natural’s menu. We hope to see you soon.

Veggie Heaven

– Veggie Heaven first opened in 1998 at the Drag. After closing down for 2 years, Veggie Heaven reopened due to popular demand.

Stacy Chen, the creator and co-founder of Veggie Heaven. Growing up in the family of chefs, has stirred her passion to cook since she was 12 years old. Her grandmother Mrs. Gui Chen, was a chef in Japan and she used to own a ramen shop in Osaka 30 years ago. Her dad Mr. Wen Chen was a chef in a vegetarian restaurant in California before helping Stacy with Veggie Heaven. Stacy and her mom and dad co-found Veggie Heaven in 1997. Her menu items focus toward comfort food as she feels like this restaurant is like her home. Her flavor is mostly based on Taiwan,

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The Beer Plant

– Next is another one of my favorite vegan restaurants in Austin. The Beer Plant is Austin’s first vegan gastropub, combining craft beer, wine and cocktails with a 100% plant-based menu.  Serving decadent vegan dishes in a farmhouse pub atmosphere, We aim to create a new model for dining and drinking on the healthy side. Now featuring dinner, brunch and late night menus. We hope to see you soon.

Casa De Luz

– The philosophy of how to live a great life (Macrobiotics) is the founding idea for Casa de Luz. This is an all encompassing philosophy, which includes all methods of supporting health and freedom. Our mission is to offer a sacred space for those that want to bring their disciplines to share with the community. Casa de Luz is open to all. Our reason for being is to practice and live in integrity. We believe that living with integrity includes practicing, learning, teaching, and sharing actions and philosophies to develop conscious living and cognition. We all hope to see you soon.

Plow Burger

– WHEN YOU EAT A PLOW BURGER YOU ARE HELPING TO: Reduce Greenhouse Emission, 51% of global emission are driven by livestock rearing and processing. Reduce Water Usage, 29% of agricultural water use is for raising livestock. Protect Our Environment, 45% of global surface area is used for livestock systems, IMPROVE HUMAN HEALTH AND ANIMAL WELFARE. Data & sources provided at