Vegan McDonalds Burger to be Served in Europe

Thats right. You read it correctly. European consumers will now find a vegan McDonalds burger on the menu. CNN Money reports that a vegan McDonalds burger has been served in several locations in Finland and Sweden since late December 2017. McDonalds is following the trend of other restaurants by offering an animal free product. Is that really what vegan consumers want to see from the fast food chain known for having the ground meat of over 1000 cows in every burger patty?

The intention

Could it be the wellbeing of it’s patrons that is the reason for the new vegan McDonalds menu iItem? What then does McDonalds have to say about the rest of its menu? Clearly when it comes to McDonalds menu selection, the worlds leading fast food franchise hasn’t made the health and well being of it customers a priority, with most of it’s menu know for high amounts of empty calories coming from the worst possible sources on the planet. So why then would McDonalds be offering a meatless version of it’s product?

We know that we can always find the answers to questions like these by following the money trail. The simple answer is that a vegan McDonalds burger is an attempt to capitalize on the growing demand for vegan options. McDonalds spoke person, Henrik Nerell credits the positive effects on the environment vegan food has, as the reason for the increase in demand for the new vegan burger, since according to the UN, livestock farming is responsible for 14.5 % of greenhouse gas emissions.


This is a great sign for vegans.  It shows that how we spend our money can effect change in the world. We have the power as consumers. The companies and corporations will listen to us in an attempt to earn our money. This will also show others in the food industry that they should do the same.

Even if this vegan McDonalds burger is cruelty free and a better choice for ones health, does the vegan community still want to support a product from a leader in the animal farming industry? I’d rather see more, all vegan restaurants open, than help one that only offers a few vegan options any day.

What does this mean to Vegans?

As a vegan would you try this new item? If a healthy lifestyle is your reason for being a vegan, what do you think? What if you are an ethical vegan?

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