Vegan Body Builder, Kelvin Harding Shares His Story


Kelvin Harding is a self made vegan body builder, and creator of KHPfitness and Training. Kelvin started training clients for health and fitness about 5 years ago. It wasn’t until February of 2016 that Kelvin adopted a vegan diet. Kelvin explains that is was his overall health that first motivated him to evolve from a carnivorous diet to one made exclusively from plants. He later realized the benefits to the world and the animal kingdom that excluding meat and dairy from ones diet, one would contribute. Kelvin saw the impact that agricultural farming was having on the world and that would solidify his position as a vegan to be the best choice for himself and his loved ones

What has the biggest impact on your health been since going vegan?

When I became vegan and started eating more plant based items, my stomach became better instantly. Before going vegan, I was considering going to see a gastrointestinal specialist. Right away, My health and wallet were saved. I’ve been athletic for most of my life but going plant based I’ve felt much better overall, with less of that groggy feeling. My recovery from work outs has also improved even in my 30s.

What else are you up to?

When not bodybuilding I love to dance and also practice martial arts. My favorite dancing style is hip-hop dance pop and locking. Bi-jJa Quan, also called the eight extremities fist is the style of martial arts I practice. I love eating vegan food to fuel my body. One of my favorite dishes is sweet potatoes with beyond meat spinach and brown rice. Its a winning combo.

As a vegan body builder What is your message to the rest of the world?

The most important thing I would like to express about becoming vegan is not only do I reduce your overall effect I have on the world but I also get so many health benefits. I love that I can avoid being on tons of medications.  Also, I’d rather age gracefully age by giving up a little bit of my indulgences, rather than have the food eat cause the quality of my life to decline.

I stay consistent and practice what I preach because that’s the only true way to set an example. – Kelvin Harding