About Just Being Vegan

Just being Vegan is an information website based on the vegan lifestyle and a whole food Plant based diet. The website offers post about health and wellness along with what the Vegan lifestyle means for the planet and all of the sentient beings on it. The site architecture lends itself to reviews about vegan products, articles about the social impact of vegan-ism, recipes of tasty vegan dishes, biography’s of vegan athletes and reports from doctors who recommend plant based diets.

Our Purpose

The goal of the site is to create awareness about health and wellness while giving everyone a chance to share their opinions as well as information about food and where it comes from. We currently offer recipes for breakfast such as vegan pancakes, and vegan banana bread. We also include lunch items like vegan sushi and vegan tacos. For dinner we offer recipes of foods like vegan chili, vegan lasagna and vegan stir fry. We even give some detox juicing recipes and some fun snack ideas as well.

My speciality has been in reviewing many different products. The most important part of each review is to determine if the product is health promoting or just for fun. Just being Vegan will review products such as soda and artificial sweeteners.  Our editorial forecast will include many more review on faux products and things like fake meat whether it be a burger, chicken or sausage. One of the most important parts of each review is often label reading. Teaching people whats important about each label is a very important and valuable tool.

Our long term goal is to include biography’s of vegan athlete and vegan body builders, blogs about vegan restaurants and recipes of tasty vegan entrees. The site will also show and support vegan activism and its benefits to everyone.


Hi, I’m Jalen and I’m Just Being Vegan.

My journey to just being vegan began not to long ago. I am currently 39 years old and have been eating a whole foods plant based vegan diet for the last 8 years. When I was young I remember thinking about Vegans and how I thought they lived such extreme lifestyles. I never imagined that one day I’d actually embrace a whole food plant based vegan diet myself. As the story goes, the more I learned about fitness, health and wellness, the more I realized that the food I eat is the most important factor in how my body feels and my over all health.

About 9 years ago I began following a nutritionist by the name of Heather Fleming. I learned to include more whole foods, and raw foods in my diet. Next, after reading the book the China Study I cut out dairy and most meat. Being an athlete, I still thought I that needed an over abundant protein source in my diet. A source that I could only get from consuming animals. I would continue to eat fish for a few months and was known as what’s called a pescetarian. After few months of eating fish, I realized that all it was doing was slowing down my digestion. I gave it up soon after, and haven’t looked back.

I am extremely active. I’ll Participate in any athletic activity and regularly hit the gym. I have never felt like I am giving up and physical advantage since giving up meat and dairy. It’s been quite the opposite. I’ve learned that when it comes to food, It’s all about the seasonings. The food I eat now is amazing and much better than before I adopted a vegan diet. Eating is now one of my parts of life.

Just Being Vegan-The Global Impact

I’m so grateful that my eating habits don’t contribute to the cruelty of the industrial farming industry which I learned about after choosing a plant based diet. I am also grateful that I don’t contribute to the devastating impact industrial farming has on our environment. If you are unaware of these effects and would like to have an honest non judgmental conversation about it, please just drop me a line. I love sharing information with people, so we can all make better choices. I created this site to share with you my journey and so you can share yours. Thank you taking the time to read about my journey just being vegan.