Sunflower Vanilla Vegan Smoothie

When it comes to easy vegan meals, a vegan smoothie can be a great supplement any time of day. That’s right weather your making yourself a power packed vegan breakfast, or this vegan smoothie is one of your vegan lunch ideas, you can’t go wrong with a nutritious treat like this. So good, I even make these sensational smoothies as vegan desserts. Whenever I enjoy this Sunflower Vanilla Vegan Smoothie it always one of my favorite vegan protein sources.

To make this this amazing vegan smoothie I use vanilla vegan protein powder, a banana, raw sunflower seeds, kale, nutritional yeast and almond milk and salt. This is how to keep it simple


A bananna

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder

A handful of raw sunflower seeds

1 leaf of kale

two pinches of nutritional yeast

16 oz of almond milk

1/2 a teaspoon of salt with iodine

3 ice cubes

Finally add together in a blender, blend and enjoy.

I’ll simply add all of the ingredients into the BlendTec or VitaMix with ice and use the smoothie setting. What comes out is a creamy, nutty, chocolaty or vanilla dream. So smooth and delicious you won’t believe it’s good for you. You may want to adjust the amount of ingredients accordingly if you are using a smaller blender.

I like to add  raw nuts and seeds to my smoothies. In the past, I used to buy nut butters and add them to my smoothies. I saved money by buying raw seeds or nuts, but then I can also get them sprouted.

My favorite part about the sunflower vanilla vegan smoothie is that you get a shot of phyto nutrients along with vitamins minerals from the serving of kale. Once tasting, most people question if kale is even in this smoothie.

This quick little mix is more than a nutritious vegan smoothie but also makes for a terrific vegan dessert idea. To make this into a tasty vegan dessert, vegan ice cream could also be added . I love coconut vegan ice cream or cashew! This smoothie would be the perfect addition to vegan brownies, vegan cupcakes or could you even imagine vegan doughnuts!